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Explore our natural & white linen fabrics

Discover the simple, untouched beauty of nature in our thoughtful collection of pure white and natural-coloured linens.

An earth-friendly choice

It’s easy to see why linen is rapidly growing in popularity, with its versatility, natural properties and green credentials. This beautiful, natural fibre fabric is breathable, quick-drying and moisture-wicking, making it an excellent insulator that’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, and is therefore one of the best fabrics for clothing and dressmaking. These special qualities also mean linen fabric is perfect for making bed linens, cushion covers, tablecloths and other interior textiles. After all, is there any more simple luxury than sinking into a freshly-made bed of crisp, white linen?

Naturally beautiful

In carefully curated colourless and neutral shades like Bright White, Light Cream and Natural, these are truly timeless fabrics, designed to transcend fashions and last for a lifetime. The tones of pure, undyed linen can vary from creams and oatmeals through to taupe and a colour known as ‘linen grey,’ giving it an enchanting wild beauty all of its own. 

Benefits of linen

Woven from 100% flax fibre yarns for thousands of years, pure natural linen is one of the most tried-and-true textiles on earth. And, just as it has been for generations, our European linen fabric is processed naturally using no synthetic materials or harmful substances and significantly less water than in cotton production. In its natural, unironed state, linen has a tactile, crumpled texture. It’s incredibly strong and softens with each wash and use.

Expertly crafted in Lithuania

Expertly crafted by heritage European producers in Lithuania, our OEKO-TEX® certified natural and white linens are intentionally prewashed to add incredible softness and help prevent future shrinkage. Stonewashing deepens their luxurious look and feel, creating a beautiful drape and helping you weave comfortable elegance through your everyday life.

Placing an order from our UK online shop

Our white, cream and undyed natural linen fabrics are available to order by the metre and will be cut in one continuous length. Simply click ‘metre’ on the product page and then add the number of metres you wish to order. For example, to purchase a two-metre length of linen fabric, you would set the quantity to ‘2.’ All orders are cut and packaged by us and sent directly from our UK online shop. The fabric is 145 cm (57″) wide.

Fabric samples

We try to photograph all our linen products to be as true to colour as possible. However, please be aware that colours may show differently on screen. We would recommend ordering one of our linen fabric samples if you’re at all unsure, so that you can see the colour first-hand before purchasing your linen online.